ZIO World

Join ZIO users and contributors for the inaugural ZIO World, which reveals ZIO 2.0, providing inspiration and new opportunities to create the most powerful reactive applications on the JVM.



John A. De Goes

Itamar Ravid

Adam Fraser

Others Coming Soon


march 11th, 2021


ZIO World is free to attend for all ZIO users, contributors, and evangelists. To attend ZIO World, you must register for a ticket.

If you are a ZIO user, send a pull request (github.com/zio/zio) to add your company to the ZIO website, and then email us for the registration link. If you are a ZIO contributor, then email us any contribution you made to an open source project that supports or uses ZIO, and we will send you the registration link. If you are a ZIO evangelist, then email us a link to an article, video, or podcast in which you explain or advocate for ZIO.

If you are not a ZIO user, contributor, or evangelist, you may attend by purchasing a ticket on Eventbrite.